~[the IIID Empire] of Dir en grey!!.. ~lyrics MISSA, EN  

01. KIRI TO MAYU [lyrics: Kyo, music: Kaoru]
02. [S] [lyrics: Kyo, music: Kyo]
03. Erode [lyrics: Kyo, music: Toshiya]
04. AOI TSUKI [lyrics: Kyo, music: Dir en grey]
05. GARDEN [lyrics: Kyo, music: Dir en grey]
06. Byoushin [lyrics: Kyo, music: Kaoru]

I don't need this body which will only grow weaker and rot
even though we could have loved each other forever
so that you'll love me this way always
I want to see your happy smiling face forever
when I swallow the capsule... that I always kept locked in my desk
we can kiss forever. How long has it been since then?
without you in my world, the sun has set
I've said goodbye to those around me one after another but,
I gave you a kiss as you slept quietly
I've lived out the time without you, that can't be turned back
the memory tortures me, since then something new began
the flowers we grew together back then
now bloom in profusion beautifully by your side
even a moment of joy pains me through this long night
with a cold knife to close my eyes eternally....

02. [S]
Screw on the plug beautiful lustful scent
everything around me is dyed black

The grieving canvas reflected in a drop of water
the black nostalgia burned onto my eyes

spoil my body
like a parasitic worm
I can't see the heart
like a mannequin

kiss the naked flesh glowing white
tripping in an ugly way, your hunk of meat...

03. Erode
that night we were able feel each other, turned freezing cold
deeply slumbering, to the depths of release

the feeling, is a strange sensation far removed from me
days that seemed so beautiful, in the poison flower garden

from that day I felt such extreme aggravation onward,
I've been looking for someone else

that night it all fell apart will never be again
everytime I meet you, I've lied
because now I'm so far removed from there

the fact that I can't love you anymore
weighs heavilly on me, tortures and saddens me
the night was too long, it pains me

the accident which happened to you, causes me concern
unable to say any words of comfort, I cooled to you
I was there

If you don't care that it's not for real, I'll hold you
For you, I looked as much as you wanted

while getting fucked by someone else...

so that I can be even just a little closer to you,
even if its not real, I stifled my heart for now

that first and final night has passed
you pretended not to know until the very end

I am captivated by the crimson sky, by the blue moon
mired in the conterfeit dream that was buried against my will
falling, turning, falling, to the depths of degredation, clumsily
I am captivated by the crimson sky, by the blue moon

in your blue moon I am brought into relief beautifully
my insides on display

Blue & Die

well, if I can be with you forever
I'm happy
gently I grip your hand
forever staring into that sky

well, if you keep smiling forever
maybe I'll be happy
next time, together
let's watch that blue-coloured sky forever

from the day my love began, I began to change
when I was just staring at you
you were always standing in that garden, looking lonely
as you stared at nothing but the scattering flowers

my unfullfilled wish made another wound in my aching heart
this reality bound up before my eyes still haunts me all the while
so that only the stifling atmosphere will
not forget me now

GARDEN wishing that someday I'll be able to meet you always
GARDEN in the midst of this passing season, forever...you will...

the sorrowfully withering flowers that have seen a thousand nights
in sepia your figure pictured

I want to forget, I don't want to forget, these contradictory feelings
subdued, I stand here all by myself
lonely, with only the snow to colour the scenery, but
still, always, so that I will not forget

I want to forget, I don't want to forget, these contradictory feelings
subdued, I stand here all by myself
time passes quickly, vanishing from reality, so that I will not forget
these memories

06. Byoushin


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