~[the IIID Empire] of Dir en grey!!.. ~lyrics kyo poem book, JP  

01. Just a line to ask you, how are you ? To you, who has no name, with love from the end of the earth... [lyrics: Kyo]
02. Devoted Reader [lyrics: Kyo]
03. Room 304, spring and I [lyrics: Kyo]
04. Room 304, tongue and night [lyrics: Kyo]
05. Room 304, mother and cherry blossoms [lyrics: Kyo]
06. A boy [lyrics: Kyo]
07. Song of confession [lyrics: Kyo]
08. The bottom of ease [lyrics: Kyo]
09. myself [lyrics: Kyo]
10. May all be pain or love [lyrics: Kyo]
11. Scarlet in the Darkness [lyrics: Kyo]
12. ____#12 [lyrics: Kyo]
13. overjoy [lyrics: Kyo]
14. 250km,kill the merry prostitute in the full throttle [lyrics: Kyo]
15. twittering [lyrics: Kyo]
16. Slice Field [lyrics: Kyo]
17. Street lamp [lyrics: Kyo]
18. Days [lyrics: Kyo]
19. bed [lyrics: Kyo]
20. A model of the human body 12 inch National TV [lyrics: Kyo]
21. princible [lyrics: Kyo]
22. You are lost [lyrics: Kyo]
23. JUDA [lyrics: Kyo]
24. Jesus Christ [lyrics: Kyo]
25. word of silent [lyrics: Kyo]
26. curvaceousness [lyrics: Kyo]
27. To you whom I have never seen [lyrics: Kyo]
28. I will give it to the purgatorial flames [lyrics: Kyo]
29. Scaportolono [lyrics: Kyo]
30. funeral procession [lyrics: Kyo]
31. A dream is a ephemeral dream inside a dream [lyrics: Kyo]
32. Umbrella of a ball [lyrics: Kyo]
33. slight smile [lyrics: Kyo]
34. One way to Feel the Freedom [lyrics: Kyo]
35. Fade [lyrics: Kyo]
36. JEKYLL and DIKYLL [lyrics: Kyo]
37. ID photo [lyrics: Kyo]
38. organ in the shade [lyrics: Kyo]
39. Eating Way [lyrics: Kyo]
40. Dizzy coloured Ferris wheel [lyrics: Kyo]
41. silent emotion [lyrics: Kyo]
42. DEAD MUSIC [lyrics: Kyo]
43. Under the Navel [lyrics: Kyo]
44. As a matter of fact [lyrics: Kyo]
45. Will soon reach the park [lyrics: Kyo]
46. Categorize of the growth [lyrics: Kyo]
47. UNDER THE SUN [lyrics: Kyo]
48. The Latter Road [lyrics: Kyo]
49. 8mm [lyrics: Kyo]
50. A fly [lyrics: Kyo]

01. Just a line to ask you, how are you? To you, who has no name, with love from the end of the earth...
Just a line to ask you, how are you? I keep on yelling with love at you people born from the end of the earth
A dream of a child swimming desperately in a flooded corridor
A reality that the favourite shoes of red soles, lined up in a row at the veranda
Inside a goldfish bowl is a sultry night A girl who is longing for the iced water is laughing
laughing laughing
Beyond the border, mother unperturbedly carrying the child every day by day
Throwing the love into a sea of flames
You keep on averting your eyes from the flowers put on the street
You will be able to laugh right at this moment if you’d ask Ed Gein or somebody to make you a mask
Then eat them all up, the reality that you can love this world filled with lovable things, much more
Hate others than love yourself
Hate others than love yourself
Hate others than love yourself
Speech-and -action-ism person’s subliminal behaviour has an immediate effect "Hurray!" three times
Sky is ash and soil is also ash 194586815
Loving people that has no names, you should never forget the tears…never
There exists a swinging large country of nowadays
You’d better pray god that the skin will not come off
Good-at-being-played yellow monkey
Tamed yellow monkey
Implant the reality called HIV planted in the ass
Silence to an violation that cannot be called SEX, touching story of a person who’s trying to please everybody
Just like old-fashioned soap operas
Stop your silly talk!
A cup with rusty water
Carried carefully by a bobbed hair girl
You do not feel anything even though if you were seen by the black eyes, right?
The age of blue, where have you gone?
hello maggots from all directions
hello maggots who cannot even say hello
I step on them without saying anything

02. Devoted Reader
Welcome to peaceful land of ease
And sleep in depression also tonight

03. Room 304, spring and I
Cherry blossoms breezes from the window as always
Slowly slowly slowly slowly flutter in the air
Losing my consciousness also today
Everything reminds me of nothing
Taking my hands Holding them tight
Tears fell down upon your hands
Who are you?
Melting into tears without stopping Your eyes were telling me
familiar scent was carried off by breeze of a spring
Maybe I’m going to pass away alone in this room
The flower nobody can find but, you………
Flowers rush into falling swung by the wind White sickroom blown by the wind

I remembered my precious one at last
Am I going to become ash and return into sand tomorrow?
Cherry blossoms outside the window I want to sleep under that cherry tree at the end
From now on I’m going to remember you swung by the wind with cherry blossoms
Slowly slowly slowly slowly flutter in the air

04. Room 304, tongue and night
With a smile in the face With tears running A knife on the wrist
The voice I believed A lie giggles Morbid victim
Looking at and crying Red Liquid Running through the vessel
Unable to cut off even this life Morbid victim
Let this wound be deeper deeper deeper colouring this white room red
The victim has no tongue
No lights Closed One morning of twelve-year-old
I tend to be A vegetarian Kitten tend to be rare
Father Mother Let this wound be deeper deeper deeper colouring red
Bound In a crowd Feeling isolation Could do nothing
Tomorrow will not Come again Night of sixteen-year-old
Afraid of the night The night is cold A crowd of night Drowned in the night
Tomorrow will not Come again Spring of sixteen-year-old
Be quiet Close eyes Thinking about the face of Mother and Father
Even how many times I laugh I cry ever comes back
Good-bye to the cold night of tears dried-up Slashing the wrist
Tomorrow will not Come again Spring of sixteen-yeas-old

05. Room 304, mother and cherry blossoms
Say the last goodbye to The feelings that Begun sinking
Crying, not being able to hear Son’s voice Even the buzzing in the ears
Getting angry at the Scar Branded on the eyes
Crying, not being able to smile anymore, the Son closed his eyes

The victim has no voice
Carried away from the ward The eyes will not open
Can you hear me? The love that never reaches
The scar that can not bear is so deep Go fall cherry blossoms, Spring is too short
You were smiling Until yesterday Lily by the window is withering up
Tomorrow will not Come again Night of sixteen-year-old
Whether you cry or smile Lily by the window is withering up
Tomorrow will not Come again Spring of sixteen-year-old
Holding the son who was cremated The dream which has become so different, is withering up
Being unable to bear under the cherry blossoms Blooming at KAMO river
It will bloom more beautiful next year Bloom in much more full blossom
Being unable to bear night of seventeen-year-old Blooming at KAMO river

06. A boy
"darkness is a darkness inside dark dark mind
Eye is an eye that looks bitter bitter reality
Sense is a sense that feels non-love by own body
Treachery Is a treachery of outer and inner mind"
Weakness is a weakness toward oneself that everybody has
A boy sense them from someone keep them in mind
Living everyday hurting someone and also be hurt
All the things I have lost because of the love

07. Song of confession
Wall of understanding is not necessary Because it has very beautiful garden there
If there are any freedom Bury them water them and let them hear the song everyday
Rubbish heap ear hang from a dead tree
Dear mantis Dear mantis let’s copulate with hung me
Red silk and double bed
A sigh of a female and a breath of an ovum
I am looking up the never ending golden sky
A life spurting out with smile on it’s face
Bless the human being that can not still realize that this is a liberation…
I stepped on the leftovers of the female
I hang the leftover body from a dead tree and shout to the sky
"I am the god"

08. The bottom of ease
If you are tired of walking you can rest
This is the city of ease and compromise
Fantasy filled with liquor and foods
It has already become a dark garden after you notice
This small kid is also in the closet
Nobody will help
Also today I can hear you scream
Just as same as your complaint you told me very night
Just a sound
I just shut up and pretend not to see

09. myself
nobody but me
not for anybody else
nobody else’s way
nobody else’s dream

10. May all be pain or love
When I cried over the fact that I was getting closer to them, which I didn’t want to become
Something dropped inside without a sound…
Love which I did not wanted to know
Because if I did not know the love, there will be no pain either

11. Scarlet in the Darkness
Darkness of the heart
confronting millions of audience
hanging down
The fact that I almost cannot stand
The fact scarlet spatter on black
My good bye
My waving hands ain’t crying

12. ____#12
Is that your dream to talk about love in romantic mood?
Does it feel good to dream covered all over with big-name brands?
Are you happy when you are talking a meaningful thing but nobody is really listening?
Can you see things that you really need?
Does escape from a reality save everything?
Is it really necessary to believe someone?
Do you feel the truth used for good?
Does your kids love such you?
How many People exist? who cry from their heart when you are gone
The one who has courage always are justice?
Is there no wall that can not be overcome?
Does love really save earth?
What is, to live for parents, to live for kids?
I do not know because I am what you call, stupid
Human being just exists, Nothing more

13. overjoy
Live smart
Tend to be autistic boys and girls-in front of the Duet Building-mass suicide-club

14. 250km,kill the merry prostitute in the full throttle
I deleted him last night
At a lonely sun set park too far away from the word dramatic, after the rain
Also today, the ain ask me You have nothing to protect
It makes me laugh because I do not care He who was soaked to the skin, is also laughing
December ornament Childish ornament
The city infected so quickly looking like colourful drug
A brainwashed disabled country which do not recognize that they are already swallowed up by
250km, kill the merry prostitute in full throttle
This is my educational guidance
Free choice?
Stupid couples which do not recognize that the choice itself is already not free
If you are vaguely just living
I will sing in the name of an iron hammer of judgement
Shouting a lullaby from beginning to the end
Everybody is happy if we could kill each other in the name of Maria
Also today the spacious sky is grey
Water-logged sand castle
Now just a dirt castle
So starved for love…I am
I will sleep tomorrow before he wakes up
Which is more worn out?
My precious castle is so called days of youthfulness

15. twittering
Sex orgy with a keen knife
You dream tonight, too
Dream in a suite with a pool
Your mommy is floating, too
The mouth wetted by the yogurt
Rewinding the second hand of removing stitches
You should kill the words sometime
The voice if longing is gasping
Restriction anniversary party goes on everyday
Your daddy is at the other side of the TV
bird little bird, you have no freedom

16. Slice Field
I am a caterpillar
I am eating green words that I do not even want to eat
And that every single day
Nobody would notice
The dreams will die as you keep on eating dirty feed
And becomes a russet-coloured huge moth, someone said long time ago
But I did not believe
Because I still have a dream
I am holding it carefully and carefully with both of my hands and sleeping with, every night
Sliced skin between the fingernails and the noise of an ear chopped off
Just a tiny moment in the afternoon to meet myself
I do not feel empty
Because I do not want to forget
What coloured butterfly am I right now?
I hope I look like a beautiful butterfly as you do
I open my russet-coloured wing so wide
And talk to you butterfly
What colour is your wing?

White sky, Falling Red Sun
The skin of human being suits you
Crybaby is your role
Greeting today and tomorrow
The tears of Christ has evaporated, too
My back is infinite target
I stopper to smile ingratiatingly
Go ahead and look down on me as you like
Beautiful stars smiling also today

Good Night

Dissection dissection Laughed at
I am buried with millions of dead frogs
Sacrificing-mind sacrificing-mind Where is it?
Moral-sense moral-sense Good bye
Moral-sense moral-sense Forever…

17. Street lamp
The city we two walked hiding our faces with pink plastic umbrella
Just not to wet your shoulder…
You are still a little bit warm and sitting in that chair
I do want to touch but I also want to cry
A half-drunk milk is showing the table somewhat lonely
I’m loving you as much as the numbers of the cigarette stub I have smoked
Under the street lamp of an electric light pole
Let us go and pick up the umbrella dripping-wet which we have left
depressed man talking to himself
to the depressed sky
of the depressed days

18. Days
Indistinct coexistence
Almost a pig

19. bed
The love now died in the bed where we lie back to back
Please hate cruel me I am sure that will make you feel better
Do I look evil to you?
Nobody really can save me I knew
Please forgive me
Please forgive me
Please forgive me

20. A model of the human body 12 inch National TV
Wrapped in a newspaper holding a model of the human body that has mother’s name
on it feeling alive breathing looking and smiling at the reflection of myself also
smiling and eating my brother spending days like this these days crying Miyako’s
voice could be heard distinctly from the other side of the paper sliding door and
I may have felt that voice very painful spreading a curry of the school lunch on a roll bread seems to be a daily work
I am not that bad at a recitation but because of my father’s discipline I seem to
hate but may love THE Stalin’s “electric KOKESHI doll” so I started to listen and I
thanked and thanked for the fact that I was in a huge ecstasy candy rice porridge
was very sweet I made a promise never to forget your envious love on thursday which
was a holiday in seventeen summer the day when the beetle’s head came off
One morning a prostitute was forcing me to buy Miyako’s genitals at the check-out
counter of the grocery store so when I tried them right there bunch of maggots
fell out looked like dirty grains of rice of the early SHOWA period was the
beginning of the detective merchandise, and I made use of my great erudition to the prostitute using my great erudition
It was yesterday evening that I found out that there is sperm of a gay inside the
cigar ordered from foreign countries I was angry the way of making a child was not
written on the text book for the young people the reason why I shed a large drop
of a sperm and a small drop of tears was since Miyako was masturbating laying next
to me when I saw Kazuko’s genitals without a revision shown on the CRT screen of
the 12 inch Nationali TV

21. princible
Yes, I still cannot figure out the meaning of the existence
So I nick meanings on this body more more more and more
Just a smile and trample on it

Ominous repeating voice is still stinging
Someday it will echo and nick inside this heart surely surely surely and surely
Just a smile and through it

It’s much better than not being able to notice the value

22. You are lost
I’m free You have died
couldn’t do anything you have died
Right and Left are same faces
Die until you are killed
"Lost lost kitty cat, hang yourself at your home"
Turning turning turning turning around swallowed up in the tide of the world
Talking talking talking talking searching for the tree that bear money
Rolling rolling rilling rolling up red bud which I am violating

23. JUDA
I let myself
into the tide of you guys
Applause are so inconsistent
You guys do not seem to know at all
Hanging bare light bulb of life Feel the end
An open suicide stuffed in the bag, pulled up on the stage
The worn-out voice are stepped on like a dead leaf
The way that the numbers of rusty safety pins shows
A cross under the sky of sorrow
Human beings who forgot to forgive, laugh yourself
The sky of sorrow
The sky of sorrow
Dead singing voice, Laughing dead body, Dead next year

24. Jesus Christ
I am having communication with love
I will kill you with emotion
Do you remember the days you could laugh just as you like
The garden of fear approaching in madness
In other words it is outside of the cage
I am getting used to it but will this scar disappear someday?
Human-hunt with a bat in our hands
Let’s play more with me
I bet you bless the generalizations just to make them hang together which I cannot go around
with, anymore
The un-happiness that you can stay
Has no differences with the hang-together thing shown there
Am I laughing quite well in your society?
Which is more miserable?
I guess you are more serious…
I bet you can laugh again and again if you get more hurt, ragged and more broken
And someday the cry of a grief will lead you guys to the god

25. word of silent
The string was cut
So easily it was cut
I will sing your song tomorrow
Just an ordinary love song
I was too awkward to say…
Good bye

26. curvaceousness
Even how happy or unhappy somebody cries or yells, to me it
won’t reach won’t reach won’t reach won’t reach won’t reach won’t reach won’t reach won’t reach won’t reach
So that there are no time for sorrow
hatred is coiled up and tighten drawing a smooth curve
You surely understand if you lick this red eye ball by the tip of the tongue
about me…

27. To you whom I have never seen
Why am I dying?
I guess there is no answer anywhere
This is an ordinary story but I am smiling again and again
Just a meat half rotten tied with attempted string
Cry for me Only you are enough
I am no Christ
As a matter of fact there is no Maria either
I want to be buried under a love only you have got
Because I want to keep on smiling just for you
If I could die in such graveyard buried under your love
I will happily die without fail
Let me forget my regret
Someone… let me

28. I will give it to the purgatorial flames
The smile of a mother who is tied to a huge tree and violated, hurts me
I shall smile softly, too
Rain and hail of antidepressant drug
A window glass with a hand print left
Black mannequin that has a mouth wide opened
Being free Respecting own soul All of these are deception
How high is the wall of understanding
I will cry but only at the very end
I’m a caterpillar
What are you?

29. Scaportolono
Cursed four-and-a-half-mat room dancing for a joy
Canned inside is your genitals which you are so much in love
Yes, you are a narcissist
A despotic state is C-class horror and also a screaming horror
Unlawful erotic animation blooming day by day
Four-and-a-half-mat room with sexual shower dancing for a joy

30. funeral procession
So many kind of marbles red and blue are scattered all over the burned sandbox
The heart of a girl who is collecting around carefully is still blind
Both little hands will not reach Noah
Bottomless seabed changes into conviction and sink
So many shooting stars shining and disappearing Slowly slowly changes ocean into the huge sky
The place where nobody knows the destination and does not feel the flow of time, either
Someday the colours and memories will be pulled by gravity and all grows a leaf of none
The Angels who wore a scale welcomes in by the silent funeral procession
Little sandals will not move automatically
As much as the number of marbles the little girl had in both jands full
The beautiful flowers will bloom here soon
So many kind of flowers of sorrow, red and blue

31. A dream is a ephemeral dream inside a dream
Without nothing is my dream
Just just cold season
I just just like such just just cold season
Such just just cold season
One day I heard a sound that something is falling down
Around me, only you with a bunch of white flowers are there
From when are you there?
From when are crying?
Your ****** lips are, dried up like a crying moon
Eyes are sinking like a dead goldfish
Ears are drowning in the blood streaming from the eyes
It is just just beautiful as ********
I just want to stare at you forever
Until the red red thread shall be snapped
I am going to sleep from now on.
With your head which cannot tell who’s head it is
I’m getting back to a dream so called reality

A dream is an ephemeral dream inside a dream

32. Umbrella of a ball
Walking down the street at night under an umbrella
Sometimes very sad and lonely night falls
I want to disappear like this into a darkness that nobody knows
I bet this is what everybody thinks at least once
Walking down the street under an umbrella
I am crying because I hear your voice every night
all the time…
Insomnia night thinking about many things that I do not want to think
Thoughts keep on falling and is red
I can not be ash
Insensitively strong human being
Will not hurt if I became insensitive human being?
Also today under an umbrella I…

33. slight smile
Smiling and feeling that it is tough not to have a place where I belong
What should I do if I get tired of myself living with a smile?
Like the people rotten and lying around, am I going to rot?
I don’t know I surely can’t help
I wonder where does it come from, the idea writing and performing by oneself
To tell the truth, it is miserable, huh?
Won’t go away Won’t fade away I can’t help smiling
after one minute, the face turns blue and the heart beating so hard, the word death is in my mind
shouting 1000 times, it’s already a ten seconds left until after one minute
In that way, I keep on betrayed every day and smiling foolishly
I am a "DARUMA" doll with an air hole in my breast
It is matter of sex and death but after they get bored with me it’s a show tent
Spat on and got tired of looking, there will be no body peek-a-boo

I can’t smile

34. One way to Feel the Freedom
I don’t understand the importance of a life
One way to feel the freedom
Human beings are naturally an evil
Human beings which are covered with number of films is what human beings call human beings
The only thing you people who are too much used to forget, made up
That is god
What did the sky of a false image gave you?
A guilty feeling that comes from regret?
To wish happiness given to every single person?
Because you take a regret as a regret it is a regret and because you take happiness as a
happiness it is happiness
There are no naturally-happy or naturally-unhappy
By breaking all of your environment that was naturally made
Take back the naturally form
Let the so-to-say evil which everybody has, bloom
Get the word freedom in your hand

35. Fade
Commit a sin on instinct
Also shave their futures off
The law of the jungle The loop of the death
Love is merciless word association game
The way they fade
I can not stop laughing

I want to put “”on my hand and crush it with all my might
Right now
The reality that I had this same feeling when I was little
They punched a hole in my back with their white eyes
I remember even now
Somebody plain chain saw with me before I die
I bite "" neck and smile at it’s life bleeding
Fill the champagne glass with the love juice of ""
This is what crazy is all about
I will love all the sweat and tears and blood and juice of ""
Let’s dance till dawn in a white dress
Till it will be coloured in red
It must be beautiful …

37. ID photo
"I want to touch there"
A slight curiosity Made me rotten
How many in two month Played with me and left me That’s how people falls
A picture Pasted in the shop
Attend with a smile In so-what attitude
That’s the way how I lived until now
I can’t cry even though I want to cry
No tears are bursting even though I want to cry
When you noticed the miserable fact…
Do tears really trickle down?

38. organ in the shade
Dark dark dark sky and soil
Bitter dark bitter deep inside the throat
Also today I just climb up a narrow blind stairs
… just climb up
I am the weed grew on the street inside the nud
Even what I wish, I am just a weed
Stabbing with a concrete thorn I just climb up a blind stairs
… just climb up
Hoping… To the park that you are pointing at

39. Eating Way
A piece of myself flowing to a drain
Treating with bunch of useless piece
My both hands are too small
I can grab nothing
Adrenaline Adrenaline masochism awaken Adrenaline
Smile smile red lips Smile
Treating with bunch of useless piece
My both hands are too dirty-sweaty-tearly-bloody.
I have not grabbed anything
Hate it…
Really hate it…
I want it to die…
Counting songs of a petal game

40. Dizzy coloured Ferris wheel
All the things, people, objects seen from the window
Do you love them?
I still enjoy looking at you from the isolated non-stopping ferris wheel
Human being is an existence who doesn’t understand that it is A human being
God… Tears of blade…
Evolution is certainly moving on to degeneration
A girl playing with a cloud on mother’s lap
A wind-bell calmly swing their tone in the wind
A boy playing with the sand hiding in the shade
A wind-bell calmly burn their tone in a fault
Crybaby-sky is crying also today
If the patience makes only the pain
Around and round a ferris wheel with dismembered body now go round and round

41. silent emotion
Future too close
Things we build up
"Fake smile"
"Mentality of a betray"
"Silence of anger"
"Trauma of wrist"
"Hatred of brain"
"Sexual feelings"
Every single things
For ever
Has to be white
Cannot avoid to be dyed in black
The reason it has to be coloured In dappled colours
The scar that cannot be cured
is saddled with it
the weight which looks like pain
cannot ever be saddled with
all of the weight which looks like pain
Too simple reason to
lose their life
Is human being the most weakest being
among any other being
Life is short Fall in love, girls

Too much message
Ordinary message
Too much noisy sound right, left and in front of my face? Out of the question?
What can we hear from the other side if the speaker?
The other side of the speaker is just the concrete wall
We can hear nothing

43. Under the Navel
Awful future is waiting for you
Acquaintances below the navel You’d better engage among lower part of the bodies
Or should we be rather sold to England?
Doll… Yes, doll
Make blood splash and be happy
Bright future is waiting for you
Princess will wake up
Western clothes are not suitable for the Japanese dolls
falling down falling down… Mr. "DARUMA" doll

44. As a matter of fact
As a matter of fact, you are not there
As a matter of fact, I exist upon a pile of dead body laid on victims
I dyed black to see you
The way of the feeling is different, as a matter of fact
As a matter of fact, My singing voice is certainly dying as I go through these flattered feasts

45. Will soon reach the park
We were still on the way at this never-ending brick road
Now I am going ahead alone
I recall your temperature every time I feel the cool breeze
It will not be long before I reach that park
The park where the cold benches are
A boy feeding a pigeon
I guess someday He will die too
Melted snow washes the season away everyday
Drops colours into the eye from the sky to the ground
And welcome cruelly beautiful death
This is the first time I looked upon the sky since I became alone
Since when was the sky this cruel?
It will not be long before I reach that park
The park where the cold benches are
Infinite blue sky

46. Categorize of the growth
If I could only swallow up the pain of the heart
Can I live plausible?
I, categorize of growth
I guess I have noticed that the life is so stupid
A forgotten dream Played so bad with the destiny
No wonder beyond that door is a land of a bright light
As a matter of a fact, Must have not noticed
My existence
Even though you give your life to the future, just cry than try to cry
All you have to do is break the door
There must be nothing but the things that will not go away
There must be nothing but the things that will not fade away
Why nothing but the things that will not go away?
Irritating days with no doubt will open it’s mouth
The reality will never welcome me
I think, if this place is the bloody prison beyond that door is a land of light
Shall I make a wish for myself-tomorrow

Die Three Times
Slash my wrist in the room
Hang myself in the room
Slash my wrist under the light
Please laugh at me it will not be a joke unless you do so

Looks as if they are laughing under the sun Disclosed red river flowing peacefully
You people are walking and laughing on the mountain road that are made of dead bodies
Reaching to the lily to which the ants swarm
To the hands of the people who can not save anything Let them have Ash and Tears and Silence…
Cruelly, The Moon and The Sun go across Even Tomorrow closed their eyes Asking the red sun
silence and…Peace

48. The Latter Road
All over the body is paralysed and crying like water drops n the window glass
I dream a dream
A dream that is not used to be born
It is a very strange dream
Me in pieces are falling down from mammy sitting down on a toilet
Goldfish is drowning inside the white toilet with it’s fin taken off
The genitals waving good bye with cold eyes
I do not know why but I am crying
I am crying
A dream of mid summer will not be awaken
A spider with twelve legs is staying on my arms
Because the electric fan is stopping

49. 8mm
Stepping on the shadow with burning coloured sky on my back
Open the arms and recognize now
If it will be covered with darkness sooner or later
Crouching body and dead singing voice
"Now sleep tight with the good night kiss"
Noticing that this was all meant to be in the morning after the rainy season
The mind who asked kept silence…
Millions of the bright sky is right
Will not forgive millions of sins
Millions of the bright sky is right
Will not forgive millions of punishments
"Silver knife and silver folk Your medium-rare tongue"
Playing an exposure of a film A piece of tragedy
Showing again and again
Asking sweet-smelling peach skin
The heart which is not going to be born starts to scream

50. A fly
Sight from a cliff
There is ocean and sky lay in deep blue
Everything is white one step ahead
Ever lasting never ending white
Deep inside my chest is an ripen red dripping apple
Since the day I leaned against the apple tree
How many apples has dropped?
Tragic apples squashed on the asphalt
Countless apples colouring the ground
Crying a fly’s tears
This is not a delusion but never ending reality
To the freedom that never has been drowned
I cut and drop the last apple
Under the deep blue
The tree with apples not being able to ripe


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